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ChromaTalk Archives: 2013

Digital Chroma

Paul DeRocco [21030230] outlined his Digital Chroma project, "a Chroma with the guts replaced with a 48-voice soft synth … It runs on an Intel dual core Atom processor, under Linux." It is stereo, high resolution resonance, and 4-pole filters, among many other things. See NAMM Anyone?, January.

Parameter Chart Updates

Continued improvements to the new parameter chart, including hyperlinks to the on-site manuals; three entries for Set Split 20: stock, Syntech, and CC+; separate entries for Set Split parameters P2 and P3 for Syntech and CC+; and various fixes and updates. See Parameter Chart Version 2.1, Feburary.

Fuzzy Chips

Fuzzy ChipsThe strange case of EPROMs and I/O board chips growing "white whiskers," pushing through the packaging and extending 10mm+ all around the chip on Mike Todd's Chroma. Perhaps a result of acidic vapour from battery leakage and/or humidity. Includes some input from NASA! See Fuzzy chips, January.

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