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ChromaTalk Mailing List

This is a mailing list for Chroma owners (and has on occasion been joined by aspiring owners). It is intended as a forum for support and sharing of information on the instrument. Archives are available here—accessible by calendar year at left.

Most recent list archive: July 2015 (7 threads, 24 messages).

Subscription and Member Info

To subscribe or unsubscribe and to configure subscription options, go to ChromaTalk List Tools.

Due to some overzealous spam protection, AOL subscribers may not receive messages reliably. Use a different provider if you can.

List Rules and Guidelines

About ChromaTalk

The list has been consistently active since its inception in June 1999. The graphs (or "sparklines") indicate list activity, month by month, for each year. They could be a little misleading, however, as they represent the activity within each year. Here is a sparkline that shows activity on the list from its inception until the end of 2012:

There have been significantly more messages in recent years (1069 posts in 2010; 919 in 2011) than in previous years; from 2005 to 2009 there were about 600 posts per year, and before that, 200-300. The number of subscribers remained constant at around 70 for a few years, passed 100 circa 2004-05, and was about 180 as of January 2012.

Chris Masterton of Optimal Interfaces hosted ChromaTalk from 2006 to 2013. Neil Bradley of Synthcom Systems hosted the list from August 2000 to March 2006. Before that it was hosted by Sirius Connections, a defunct ISP in the San Francisco Bay Area.