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Classified Ads

This page lists instruments for sale (both Chroma and Polaris), and wanted ads. Send me information and I'll post it. There is no fee. At minimum, please supply a description (as accurate as possible), price (including currency), shipping options (including location of origin), contact information, and serial numbers. A photo would be nice. Please keep me up to date on the status of these items; I try to ping sellers once every few months but can't guarantee that the items are still for sale. I assume no responsibility for the condition of items listed here, or the reliability of the sellers. [Page last updated December 21, 2014]

For Sale

CPU Plus (CC+)

A custom hardware upgrade kit for the Chroma including features such as built-in support for four banks of 50 patches; native on-board MIDI (including the ability to have all Chroma controllers sent/received via MIDI continuous controllers) with Syntech sysex format support; battery-free operation; one-touch "scratch patch" creation; and more. CC+ CPU Board without the interconnection kit is USD$319/€265. The interconnection kit is an additional USD$70/€59. See ordering information.


I have many rare parts including CEM3360, CEM3372, and CEM3350 chips used in the Chroma & Polaris. [November 2014]


Working or Non-Working Chroma(s) or Expander(s)

Specifically looking for non-working Chromas, but will consider all conditions and flavors. I am a current owner of a fully upgraded Expander (which I consider my absolute favorite analog synth) and a few non-working chroma keyboards. I am looking to get together at least 1 (hopefully 2) fully working Chroma keyboard units and any help would be appreciated. Any parts considered, as well. Not looking for cases, pedals, printed docs, etc - just internal hardware. Please contact Justin at craigslistresponses at comcast dot net. [May 2010]

Non-working Chroma

I am looking for a NON working Chroma, it must be complete, reasonably priced and in the UK where I live. [May 2010] Ben also repairs Chromas.