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About This Site

Chris Ryan [21030691] <>

I bought my Chroma in 1983; I am an original owner (I wasn't involved with its development). First launched on February 21, 1999, this site began as five pages cobbled together in one straight twelve-hour stretch, comprising information and recollections I had as an original Chroma owner; see Site History. It has grown to over 300 pages thanks in large part to the many Chroma owners who have contributed files, articles, pictures, and other information; and several print publications and authors who have kindly granted rights to post articles; see Contributors.

My intention has been to provide support and a community for the Chroma, which between the short-lived "Chroma Cult" group of the mid-1980s, and the time this site started about a dozen years later, was poorly supported. (At least one person has mentioned to me a Chroma site from the early days of the Web; if anyone has any information about this, I'd appreciate it.)

If you would like to know more about this site, see Statistics for information on visitors, referrers, and page popularity; Design, which discusses visual and interactive considerations; and Implementation, which covers Web standards (XHTML/CSS) issues and the custom PHP framework upon which the site is built.

All original contents are ©1999-2024. Reproduction in any form is not permitted without prior written permission.

Author Info

Chris RyanI am a software interaction designer with twenty-five years of experience in user interface design and usability. I hold a Master of Science degree in Human-Computer Systems from De Montfort University in Leicester, United Kingdom. I am currently Director, User Experience with Absolute Software in Vancouver, British Columbia. From 1996 until 1999 I worked for the JavaSoft division of Sun Microsystems in Silicon Valley where, among other things, I designed the Java Look and Feel and worked on the Java Look and Feel Design Guidelines. I am listed as inventor on a number of U.S. patents, including 5943053, Method and apparatus for expanding and contracting a window panel; 6104397, Method and system for generating improved progress indicators; 6738079, Graphical user interface layout customizer; and 6988248, Animated indicators that reflect function activity or state of objects data.

Mailing address (for photocopies, etc.) available on request.