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The Chroma site has been up since February 1999. In January 2005, I finally moved it to its own domain. I found a good, relatively cheap, local hosting company (

The site does not generate any revenue. I've never seen this as a problem; and I think there's real value in keeping things free. What I give to the Web I get back a thousandfold (not to mention how much I learn by developing and maintaining the site). I've always had a bit of a distaste for ads.

But several people have come forward unprompted to say that they would contribute financially. This voluntary method of raising funds strikes me as superior to ads in that there's no constant nagging or unrelated content on the site, just a small button on the home page. The idea of the site being self-sustaining at least in terms of hosting costs (as opposed to my time or other expenses) is appealing.

So, by clicking the PayPal button below, you can contribute to keeping the site going. (PayPal is easy, fast, free, and secure; but if you would prefer to send a cheque, contact me and I'll give you a postal address.) Give what you think it is worth to you. As a small token of appreciation, you will receive access to a few hidden pages and features on the Chroma site that you might find useful or interesting (be sure to click the Continue button on the Payment Complete page at the PayPal site).