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ChromaTalk Archives: 2005

By far the most active year on the mailing list since its inception, with over 600 posts. Membership reached 100 by mid year.

Chroma Expansion Board

Sandro Sfregola [21010294] posted in January regarding a hardware expansion board which provides expanded RAM and a built-in Syntech-compatible MIDI interface. See C.E.B. and new firmware preview, January. (A detailed article, Chroma Expansion Board and New Firmware, was added to the site in March.)

Kenton MIDI Retrofit

A picture of the rare retrofit. Erik Vellinga [21010286] writes, "Mentioned on the PCB is TR808, we know is a Roland drummer. Perhaps they used the same PCB. It is definitely the Chroma Kenton, used for a couple of years in my Chroma. Note that the Kenton had to be built inside the Chroma. I had to solder all of the small ribbon wires to the corresponding pins in the Chroma." (March)

Other notable threads: