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Voice Board Test Controller

by David Hillel Wilson [001A]

David passed away in August 2010.

Preliminary manual, Version 1.0, 24-Feb-07, DHW/NESM

©2006-2007 New England Synthesizer Museum

This is a preliminary description of a Rhodes™ Chroma™ voice card test and repair fixture that I have built. It is a hand wired prototype; no circuit boards have been designed, and there are currently no plans for production, although that may change. Meanwhile, if you work on lots of Chromas, you can build your own from these schematics.

The schematics are designed to print on American "A" size or Euro "A4" size paper. Unfortunately, when I was designing the front panel, I was thinking of the 8" box I built the thing in; thus, part of the panel may not print on A4 paper (Oops!).

The cabinet is an LMB Heeger model MDDC885 enclosure, but the parts are crammed in so tight that I recomend using the next model up, which is an inch longer.

I would like to dedicate this device to the memory of Phil Dodds (see Philip Dodds/Tony Williams Interview).

Download voiceboardtestcontroller.pdf.

See also Rhodes Chroma Voice Board Test Controller from the October 2007 ChromaTalk list archive for a link to a YouTube video with Dave Wilson showing the unit, among other things.