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A Discography lists appearances of the Chroma in commercial recordings: vinyl and CD; TV and movies. I've made a quick start at this, based on a Web search and some links from ChromaTalk subscribers and Registry entries. Please send me whatever you can add.

Analog Bach by Marco Rosano [21010197]

Excellent recordings of baroque music on the Chroma, and an inspiring essay about synthesizers as musical instruments. This is an outstanding album, showing off the Chroma's capabilities in a genre that's relatively uncommon for the instrument. Thanks to Marco Rosano [21010197] for providing the two sample tracks available here. Be sure to pick up the rest at the iTunes store.

Synthesizer von Gestern

Matthias Becker granted permission to post the two Chroma compositions from the CD Synthesizer von Gestern ("synthesizers of yesterday") Volume 1, he put together with Klaus Stülen. As you'll hear from the two Chroma compositions available in mp3 format, the work is excellent quality and showcases the Chroma very well.

A Devil Between Mirrors

Eleven tracks of Chroma and Alesis Andromeda created by Richard Willoughby [21030348] and Greg Miner.


There are a couple of sites that have hosted samples of the Chroma. This page also features music that is not commercially available. Here's your chance to showcase your music, band, and programming chops.