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Section 0

Mac OS Editors & Librarians

This section covers software for the "classic" Mac OS, up to Mac OS 9. For software that runs on Mac OS X, see Mac OS X Editors & Librarians.


Emagic ·

System Requirements: Mac OS 8.6+, Mac OS X 10.2+; Syntech/Chroma Cult MIDI kit

See SoundDiver 3.1 beta information on the Mac OS X Editors & Librarians page. Versions of SoundDiver prior to the 3.1 beta may still be available from various sources, but will probably only run on "classic" Mac OS (up to version 9.2).


Opcode Systems

System Requirements: System 6 - Mac OS 9; Syntech/Chroma Cult MIDI kit

I used this software for many years—originally there was a separate Chroma Librarian program, but later all the librarian and editor modules (there was never editor support for the Chroma) shipped with the universal Galaxy Plus Editors application. In June 1999, the product Web page for Galaxy was removed from Opcode's site; that fall, the company all but ceased to exist []. The product is long since abandoned and orphaned.

Opcode Galaxy library window

There are lots of Chroma patches available in Galaxy format at this site: see Patch Downloads.

Galaxy 2.5.2 (which I believe works with Mac System 7 through OS 8.6, and maybe 9.x) used to be available for download at a Vision Resources page; do a search and you may be able to find a download. You will also need OMS: search for the file OMS238.sit . Here is the Chroma module, in case it is not part of any Galaxy package you find:


Steve Grace ·

System Requirements: System 7 - Mac OS 9; MIDI retrofit capable of reading and writing sysex files (I use the Syntech but EES should theoretically work as well)

SysEx utility