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Interface Manual: Appendix A - Revision Information

This section outlines the differences in behavior between Chromas and Expanders of different revision levels. The Interface Revision Number is returned in response to the Identification command. Please note that this number is not the same as the Software Revision Number as imprinted on the EPROMS inside the unit.

The revision levels are described in reverse order, starting with the current revision. Each revision description outlines the differences between that revision and the subsequent revision above it.

Note that there were software revisions released after those described in this manual. For discussion of REV 14 and 14A, see Keyboard Velocity Curves and EPROM Code.

REV 3 (software REV 13)

This is the current revision, as described in this manual.

REV 2 (software REV 12)

This revision did not include the pressure sensor commands. This results in the following restrictions:

A bug was found in this revision:

REV 1 (Software REV 10)

A number of bugs were round in this revision:

Upgrading A Chroma

All it takes to bring a Chroma up to the current revision is to unplug the EPROMS and plug in new ones. This can be done by any authorized Rhodes Chroma service center, and is free if the instrument is under warranty. Upgrading is strongly recommended, as old software is only old because there was something wrong with it.

To request an upgrade from a service center, always refer to the Software Revision number which is printed on the EPROMS, not the Interface Revision Number. Most service centers are not aware of Interface Revision Numbers.

The current revision includes provision for the Pressure Sensor option. This does not mean that the Pressure Sensor must be installed. The Chroma will respond to Pressure commands whether or not the option is installed. It just won't generate correct Pressure commands.

Polaris Revisions

As of Rev 8, none of the Polaris revisions specifically affected its Chroma Interface.