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Fender Clip Art

This artwork was included with a promotional package sent to dealers in February 1984. Of interest is the appearance of the ARP style slider caps. Click for a larger image.

A cover letter included with the package began, "To Our Valued Dealers: Over the past decade, the percentage of consumer income in the U.S. spent on musical instruments has dropped 50% (Source: AMC "Retail sales of musical instruments." Percent of personal consumption was .207% in 1974 and .103 in 1982). For those of us whose livelihood depends on the sales of musical instruments, this statistic sounds a very clear note of warning. We must bring new buyers into our market. That objective was firmly in mind when we formulated our 1984 Marketing Plan. In an effort to expand the guitar market we are mounting a mass consumer campaign which will receive media support unprecedented in this industry. ... In this folder you will find the following [including] ... Fender clip art to help you in the production of your print advertisements." The above drawings of the Chroma were included among pictures of Fender guitars, amps, and mixers, and Rogers drums.