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Expander Performance Manual: Uses of the Expander

[SET SPLIT] [20] from the Chroma sends the "Current" program in the Chroma to the Expander. The Expander can also send programs to the Chroma by using its [SPECIAL FUNCT], [20]. This allows instant access to 100 programs.

One use of the system is to have identical programs in both instruments and detune one of them  with the master tune slider. This effect is even fuller when the Expander is heard through one audio channel and the Chroma through another. Try Program 1 for room filling strings.

Both the Chroma and the Expander are capable of playing up to 16 notes each as stand alone instruments. when they are interfaced, they can play up to 16 notes at once with two pitches per note. A useful program is have 16 note polyphony with 2 pitches on each note. Put Program 20 of Group 1 on both instruments. Select Parameter 1 on both and change the Value from 1 to 0. Now detune the Expander. When played, there will be up to 16 notes sounding at one time with two pitches per note.

Transposing the Expander's Pitches

The Expander does not have any transpose switches on its control panel. However, the Expander will follow the transpose commands from the Chroma's switches . Pitches on the Expander can also be transposed in octave intervals by changing Parameter 26 and 39 by values of 12. The new program can be stored for use in the future. See the Chroma Performance Manual for more information.