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EES MIDI Kit Instructions

Pictures & translation by Jesper Ödemark [21010135] <[email protected]>

This is a shot of the front where three switches and the midi in and out jacks are located, also the LED showing that it is powered.


These are located on the top of the unit. Translation follows.

Upper row:

9v = MIDI dump Offset MIDI IN +8

Note: They have in fact inverted this. The 9 volt input is located to the right and the offset switch to the left, at least on my unit. I just opened the lid to see if there was a reason why and yes, the offset switch would've short circuited an IC if turned the other way. Power is by an external PSU with 3,5 mm male connector. The midi dump is used to dump programs to external unit such as an Atari. The offset is to alter the Midi in and let it receive on 9-16 instead of 1-8 depending on the other switch settings.


Kolberger Strasse 2 Telefon 04542-4212

v 3.0


Sustain Footswitch

After switching on and after a mode change the current control panel setting is used as well as the current program.

Sounds a bit like greek to me, I guess I can explain that better after having owned it for a longer period of time. ;)

Program change from MIDI:

The CHROMA - Settings doesn't change! Set Split 20 sends program 00, with the MIDI DUMP button all 50 programs will be sent SYSTEM EXCLUSIVE.

Switches for MIDI IN:

1 2  
off off MIDI channel 1 POLY Mode
on off MIDI channel 1 + 2 POLY Mode
off on MIDI channel 1 + 2 + 3 POLY Mode
on on MIDI channel 1 ..... 8 MONO Mode

5 v control

ON Octave Channel 1-8 Channel 1+2
+ 9-16

(meaning that the switches in up position is set for Midi channel 1 (on, on) and Octave +)