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This page lists all known appearances of the Chroma in recordings. Send me more info and I'll include it here.

Alien Heirs. To Heir Is Divine. 1985. Twin, Somi, Criag Zurba, keyboards. [EP for sale on eBay, 2005: item #4711449999.]

Barnhart, Keith [21030112]. "Caught In The Act" from I Feel For You, Chaka Khan, 1983. "Is almost entirely Chroma and Expander including the stereo bass, pads, and poly glides. Everything was double-tracked - so that's 64 analog oscillators! Produced by Arif Mardin and his son Joe, this was a demo track, but went 'final' with a only a couple of minor O'dubs."

Beinhorn, Michael. The Unlistenable Years, with Toy Killers.

Bova, Jeff [21030407++]. True Colors, Cyndi Lauper. "The pad on 'Change of Heart' is the Chroma."

Bova, Jeff [21030407++]. Riptide, Robert Palmer. "The Main keyboard Riff on 'Addicted to Love' is the Chroma and DX7 layered on top of a PPG Wave. The Sequencer Bass on 'Discipline of Love' is the Chroma and DX7 being triggered by the Oberhiem DSX."

Bova, Jeff [21030407++]. History, Michael Jackson. "In 1996 I worked on Michael Jackson's 'History.' He wanted sounds 'Never Heard Before' so I brought the Chromas out of retirement. There was no better instrument for the job."

Brando. Rainy Day. Rainy Day 12 inch Maxi, 1983, ZXY Records. See EuroFlash discography for more details. (Source: Synthesizers Used By Italo-Disco Artists)

Brussell, Ben, with Klezmania. The Wailing Wall, 1992. Ben writes, "We produced the CD in 1992 at a studio that is long since been defunct. It had an old Rhodes in the corner, and on a whim, we patched it into the tune, Sirba and liked what we heard." [July 2009]

Butler, John [16330135]. RealTV.

Duke Lake, "Dance Tonight." Memory Records 12 inch, 1984. See EuroFlash discography for more details. (Source: Synthesizers Used By Italo-Disco Artists)

Entra Live, "Live Links." Spotify (not available everywhere); Jazz is Timeless Records. See Harald Svensson [21020006].

Fay, Norman. Vietgrove. Bandcamp, 2012. Norman wrote on Analogue Heaven, "My friend Mark and myself recorded an album over the last few years, using a bunch of analog synth gear among other stuff," including the Chroma.

Frohmader, Peter. The Forgotten Enemy, 1985. "4 instrumental tracks with instruments like ARP Rhodes Chroma and PPG wave 2." From eBay item #310238926057, August 2010.

Goldsmith, Jerry. Runaway soundtrack, 1984.

Hallgrimsson, Eirikur [21030467+]. Ballistic, Team-Metlay.

Hancock, Herbie. Future Shock. See the February 2006 ChromaTalk thread Chroma Spotting (Herbie Hancock) for a link to Hancock's Grammy broadcast performance in 1984.

Hancock, Herbie. Sound System.

Hancock, Herbie. Autodrive/Chameleon. Single, 1983. From eBay items 190183467791, 200241825681. [December 2007]

Hancock, Herbie. Hardrock. Single, 1984; catalog 44-05027. See eBay item 290177384728. [December 2007]

Hancock, Herbie. Perfect Machine.

Hancock, Herbie. Vibe Alive. Promotional CD single. See eBay item 4793340321. [November 2005]

von Heijne, Claes [16330008]. Electrobop, EGBA.

von Heijne, Claes. Ny Klubb, Eldkvarn. EMI, 1984. Claes writes that the album is "packed with Chroma from what I remember." [November 2005] See fan site for more information.

Jaber, J.D. "Don't stop lovin'." Memory Records 12 inch, 1983. See EuroFlash discography for more details. (Source: Synthesizers Used By Italo-Disco Artists)

Jones, Salena. Shifting Sands of Time. [For sale on eBay, 2004: item #4036099970.]

Kapitan, Mike. Thomas Dolby, Aliens Ate My Buick.

Larkin & Friends. Earth Light. [LP for sale on eBay, 2007: item #270094170657.]

Lee, Graham. "English Evenings/What's the Matter with Helen?." English Evenings, 1983. See post "Chroma discography?", May 2008.

Mays, Lyle. The Falcon and the Snowman.

Mays, Lyle. First Circle, Pat Metheney.

Mays, Lyle. Street Dreams. Thanks to Vincent Russo [21030433] for this info.

Nakamura, Kenji. Silent Savanna, with Naniwa Express (Sony, 1985). "The Lady of Toledo" can be heard on YouTube; not sure whether there's any Chroma on this track. Was for sale on eBay in June 2009 (item #370218736269, not sold).

Morley, David. Stardancer (EP). Thanks to Vincent Russo [21030433] for this info.

Morley, David. Tilted. Thanks to Vincent Russo [21030433] for this info.

Ratata, "Paradis." See "Ratata on the Chroma," January 2014.

Uddling, Joakim [21020003]. Band name unknown, "The Chroma is the only synthesizer used on this album." See Chroma in action. (And no Bad voice cards here...), ChromaTalk, October 2001.