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Atari Editors & Librarians

In addition to Mac, Windows, and Apple II, there was even Chroma software for the Atari.

GenEdit ST Chroma Editor by Dave Blees [21030552]. The GenEdit ST editor/librarian program from Hybrid Arts provided versatile and user-friendly programming tools to Atari ST users, and was developed by Tom Bajoras for Hybrid Arts in the mid-80's. Dave's Chroma Editor for GenEdit provided support for continuous controllers; immediate "send" function; and more. The user interface module is available for download along with sample patches and notes from Dave.

Der Chroma-Editor (Chroma Editor) was programmed by Oliver Kirschning. Along with some notes by the author (who produced the software almost by accident, and didn't even own a Chroma), Ernst Eimer [21010299] provides some information on this editor, which offers bank loading and saving, and patch editing; along with a small sequencer.