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Technical Service Bulletin SN3-008

Chroma Primary Fuse

April 25, 1983

The Chroma draws close to 1 ampere of current. Occasionally a fuse will blow prematurely due to thermal shock when turned off and on. Our engineering department has authorized a change in specifications to alleviate this condition. The 1 ampere fuse in 120V Chromas will change to 1.2 amperes and the 0.5 ampere Fuse in 240V Chromas will change to 0.6 amperes.

These higher rated fuses will be used in new production shortly but serial numbers affected are not yet available. We suggest you examine the fuse in any Chroma being serviced and install the higher rated value if applicable. The fuse must be a "Slo-Blo" type.

Bill Thomas
Rhodes Chroma National Service Manager