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Technical Service Bulletin SN2-005

Warranty Reimbursement Forms

October 4, 1982

Some Service Centers have sent their warranty reimbursement forms to our facility in Fullerton, California in the past. This delays reimbursement since the forms must first be approved by our service department in Woburn, Massachusetts. Be certain that you send all Chroma service related paperwork directly to our Woburn address for prompt attention.

It has also come to our attention that some Chroma Service Centers are submitting warranty claims on our Fullerton, California, forms. This also causes reimbursement delays as the claims must be transferred to the Rhodes Chroma Warranty Reimbursement Form before processing.

Therefore, claims for the instruments listed below should be submitted to Woburn on Rhodes Chroma Warranty Reimbursement Forms.

Bill Thomas
Rhodes Chroma National Service Manager