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Field Change Notice FCN3-007

January 30, 1983

Effectivity: Chroma, Model 2103, Serial Numbers 0011 through 0439.

Reason for Change: To eliminate intermittent operationn of the XOFULL Flop, possibly causing external interface communications problems. Large capacitance keeps Z48A from pullling XOFULL line completely low preventing the Flop from reliably latching through Z48B. Smaller capacitance corrects this.

Material Required: (1) 301103803, 100pf 100V, 10% capacitor

Parts Kit: Order Parts Kit KFC3-007.


Remove C22, 0.01uf capacitor from the I/O Board and replace it with C22 100pf, 100V, 10% capacitor. See drawings.

C22 0.01uf 100pf

Bill Thomas
Rhodes Chroma National Service Manager