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Polaris Registry: Model 2121

It's uncertain what differences this model might have from 2123 and 2123b. If the numbering scheme has anything in common with the Chroma, this model may have been made for the European market, like the 2101.


Antonio Tuzzi

Firmware 5. 2nd owner. Had the standard left and right dead front panels (broken ribbons) + 4 dead leds. "The serial number is different because is a different model! is a 2121, (I'm attaching a picture of the back plate and a picture of damaged ribbons too: maybe as example of typical polaris damage)." [September 2005]

See also 302734.


Guido Scognamiglio, Italy

"Recently I purchased a used Polaris (Antonio Tuzzi, who is a friend of mine, has #36!). It arrived with a big dent on the back side, near the heater, due to very poor packing. Fortunately it still works perfectly. Previous owner, Alessandro S., took it to a service center in Turin for the usual repair to the ribbon wires between the control panels. I paid 570 euros (including s/h and paypal fees). " [September 2007]

"I've realized a small video of my Polaris." [October 2007]


Jesse Gubb, Wellington, New Zealand

"It is used in my studio. I bought it off someone in Auckland. I live in Wellington, New Zealand. I paid $350NZD for it ($270USD) and it had the membrane fault which took an hour to fix. I can honestly say it is a powerful, imaginative, beautifully thick sounding synthesizer. I am very happy." [March 2012]




Mentioned on the Polaris mailing list, January 2006. Harald has posted some pictures of his Polaris.