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Instrument Registry: Model 2104

There are only a handful of known 2104 series Chromas, but as they are mostly in Australia, and the highest verified number (serial number 0017) is very low, it seems that it was likely that these were specifically destined for that country.


Michael Di Francesco

"I just purchased Rhodes Chroma SN 21040001 from Greg Hutchings [see Hutchings Keyboards] in Sydney. It has been in storage for at least 20 years, has savage case rot and needs a bath but believe it or not it powers up and when it did I nearly fell off the chair! It has the memory expansion too." [March 2009]

See also 21010150, 21030185, 21030247, and 21040010.


Greg Hutchings, Australia

"Currently being repaired and upgraded." [June 2010]

For sale briefly on eBay, May 2011.


Graham H

From warranty card info returned to Fender.


Roger Koller

For sale on eBay Australia in early 2005. "This belonged to Ian Hails of Singleton NSW, who sadly passed away about 4 years ago. He bought it new in Sydney about 1983 according to his widow, paid a fortune for it then, about $7500 AUD. It is in great condition, he loved it dearly I was told." [February 2005]


Greg Hutchings, Australia

[June 2010]

"I’m the proud new owner of Chroma serial Number Y21040010 purchased from Greg Hutchings [see Hutchings Keyboards] with CC+, new PSU, aftertouch kit and digital display." [June 2015]. See also 21010150, 21030185, 21030247, and 21040001.


For sale on eBay, October 2005. "This synth is being sold as is. The usual Chroma issues ... doesn't want to initialize. Great opportunity for a dream project. Foam rash but face panel perfect. Includes all pedals and switches. Some documentation on upgrading to 21st Century spec. The weighted keyboard has never been surpassed but you outta know that. This synth is one of the last 16 with revision 4 boards. Very few of these were made and this is one of the rarest." [October 2005]

Fredo Fraile, Düsseldorf, Germany

Sold from Sweden on eBay Germany, January 2007; see thread Chroma in Sweden. "This is the Chroma from Sweden after I had repainted it, but it is still silent, i will mail more after repair." [February 2007] See also 21030593.


Ross Favell

"I bought my Chroma when I was only 19 from Greg Hutching at Music Technology in Australia in June 1983. Was one of the first few in Australia and I payed AU$7500 for it (exchange rates were about the same as today it seems). They even drove 6hrs from Sydney to deliver it in person, now that's service. I think Greg still has his original Chroma as well. I got the Apple IIe & interface not long after and used it for live gigs until about 1989 when I converted completely to midi, though I never did get a midi retrofit for it. The size & weight were a major pain and I almost decapitated a friend who was helping me get it down some stairs one time, but otherwise I have great memories performing. I played support for a few well known Aussie bands including INXS, Redgum and Goanna and the Chroma always managed to give em a hard act to follow. It has been very reliable friend over the years with only one major power supply problem that the guys at the shop fixed with little hassle. Had rev 14 EPROM's installed and only repaired 2 voice cards since I bought it. It's still in mint condition with the road case, manuals, footswitches & pedals & interface. I have thought about selling it but I don't think I could part with it, it's been with me half my life now." [October 2001]



"Well it appears the Australian imports were the last to go out. I got mine from a composer /tv/ jingle writer named Yuri (can't remember his last name) I think he had it from new. It was in okay cont and without any acc. but the price was right so I had to have it and I have been very pleased with its sound. It has had some probs and recently it stop working so I packed it away to get it fixed. then just today I thought I might turn it on and after reloading some patches its working again (yay) I know of one other and from what the numbers say theres prob only 4 or 5 in Oz." [November 2002]


"I bought it from Woody a couple of years ago. It now has CC+ upgrade and Lucas P/S." [May 2010]



"I thought it was about time I registered my Chroma. Located on the south coast of NSW, Australia. Purchased in 2001 from Greg Hutchings [Hutchings Keyboards]. I believe he kept this one all those years for personal use (which didn't make it less temperamental). Currently having booting problems and overhauling the power supply. I had a MIDI interface made up by a mate of mine. This box just plugs into the serial port and gives me MIDI in & out. Recently picked up an Apple IIe but still chasing the software for it, as I'm trying to get it complete. This Chroma sits in my studio among a lot of other vintage synths but the sound (when it is going) beats most others hands down." [March 2008]


"I just purchased 21040017 on eBay Australia; apparently she's not well so I may soon be calling on the list for help with the ongoing restoration once I pick her up! Apparently she already has an SPSU and CC+ installed." [May 2012]



Cosimo R

From warranty card info returned to Fender. This serial number is so far out of the range of the others for this model, it seems it may be a mistake. Perhaps it was 15 rather than 50?