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ChromaTalk Archives: August 2002


Chris Ryan [21030691]

It's been all quiet on the Chroma front for the summer. A few updates:

A few of you have sent me a tonne of great stuff to post on the site. I probably have enough for a couple of years of monthly updates. Will get to this as soon as I can.

A friend has offered to host the site for free, so I'll be moving it to its own domain shortly.

This didn't pan out, but the site was moved to in January 2005.

Finally, a year ago I wrote about my plans to write a Chroma patch librarian (eventually editor) for Mac OS X. I've been learning Cocoa and keeping up with the latest developments of the MIDI APIs (Core Audio). With the release of Jaguar (10.2), it looks like everything is finally mature (including "Audio MIDI Setup," reminiscent of Opcode's "OMS Setup" application for the old Mac OS). So I hope to be able to dedicate some time to that in the coming months.

As always, these things take time. As of 2004 I've still to get to this project, but after this major site update, hope to. [July 2004]

Jeffrey D. McEachin [21030073+]

The CCC Project is on currently on hold. I need to ping Ken Y. to see if he ever got the code commented, and to tell him that I found a friend who can read Apple ][ disks. I'll do that now.

Murray Macdonald [21030276+]

I have a working Apple ][ in Vancouver, if that is of any help.