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ChromaTalk Archives: September 1999

Chroma for sale

Jimmy Moyer [21030184]

[from rec.musicmakers.synth]

For sale, Rhodes Chroma

Classic analog synth. Weighted action, fully featured early analog synth. Anvil case, MIDI interface, all pedals, extra eproms. Manual, sequencing/library software for Apple 2 (PC included). Good body, but needs internal repair - fell over and does not produce sound. If you're into this type of kbd, it's a "must have".

In NYC area. Pick up yourself - too big to ship. Would like to sell by 10/15. Will take best offer. Email [address removed].

New Patches

Chris Ryan [21030691]

I've finally had time to convert and post 47 banks of patches kindly contributed by Ernst Eimer [21010299] (a list member) back in June. [See Patch Downloads.]

Thanks again, Ernst!

I'm going to work on expanding the Patches section next. Some of you have let me know that you'd like formats other than Galaxy; there's no consensus on what format would be most useful (and I haven't received much feedback on the bank I posted in cassette audio format), but Dave Clarke (another list member) has done some great work on cassette <-> sysex conversion utilities, and I hope to post these soon (along with a Mac version with a nice drag-and-drop front end). In the meantime, if you would like sysex versions of the banks on the Patch Downloads page (I think this would work with the Kenton as well as the Chroma Cult interface, but I don't have definitive word on this), let me know.


David Clarke [21030085++]


Anybody out there know the details of the Galaxy file format used for storing the Chroma patches?

Regards (and thanks),

David Clarke

Chroma FS

David Clarke [21030085++]

Yeah - I know it is short notice, but if anyone is interested in another Chroma - there's currently one up on Ebay (not mine). [Item 159027128]

WTB: ChromaCult MIDI Interface

Paul Glantzman [21030798]

Does anybody have an extra one they are willing to sell? Please email me directly.


BTW: I emailed Ken Ypparila [21030229] and he doesn't have any more in stock, although he mentioned the possibility of sometime making them again.

Ken did indeed produce more kits. See MIDI Retrofits: Syntech/Chroma Cult/KMX for more information.

Conversion Tools - Recent Additions to Web Site

David Clarke [21030085++]

Hi everyone - A while ago Chris Ryan asked the list what format they'd prefer to have Patches listed on the web site.

At the time, it seemed that many people wanted audio (tape) dumps - but other people wanted sysex format and yet others wanted to continue to use Opcode Galaxy format. Still others wanted to have a way to generate text listings of the patch parameters and have those listed.

To try and help out (making as much available to everyone while not taking up oodles of web-space), I sat down and wrote a few utilties.

At present, there are three utilities being offered:


Syx2tape converts Chroma sysex files (generated using the Syntech/Chroma Cult MIDI retrofit) to audio cassette format (for those people who use the cassette interface as their main patch storage interface, but still want to be able to try out the sysex patches available out there).


Tape2txt converts a cassette dump in SND format to a parameter listing (text file).


Gxy2syx converts Galaxy patch dump files into Syntech/Chroma Cult sysex format.

Of course, you can use the programs sequentially if you want (i.e., gxy2syx followed by syx2tape followed by tape2txt will produce a text-listing of the parameters found in Galaxy patch files).

Additional programs details can be found on the Chroma site at [Patch Conversion Tools].

(as of this writing, gxy2syx was still to be posted)

You'll also find MS-DOS executables there, as well as the "C" source for the utilties. Chris has also said that he's at present working with a friend to provide Mac OS versions.

That collaboration never came through; however, I've been working on learning Cocoa with the aim of producing software for Mac OS X.

If you have any questions on the contents of the source files (or if the DOS executables don't seem to work right for you), please let me know.


David Clarke

New to Registry and Cassette Interface Question

Paul Glantzman [21030798]

I'm new to the list although I've owned my Chroma for probably a year already.

My serial number for the registry is 21030798. The instrument is in near-mint condition electronically and cosmetically. All the voice cards tune up and play fine... now. When I purchased it from a dishonorable (in my opinion) dealer, only three voice cards were playing acceptably.

I sent all the broken voice cards to a tech in California, who did a great job for a fair price. (Sorry I can't remember the name right now, but I would look it up if anyone would like it.)

Unfortunately, I do not have a ChromaCult or any other MIDI interface for the Chroma yet. I also don't have any of the manuals. I started taking the patch downloads on the Chroma site, converting them first from Galaxy to SYSEX (gxy2syx) and then to sound files (syx2tape). I then converted them to CD Audio and burned about 30 of them to a cd.

The problem is I don't know how to connect the cd player to the Chroma Cassette interface via the 5-pin (MIDI-like) connector. Does anyone know the pin configuration with respect to audio in and out? And, is there anything special one must do with respect to levels, etc.?

Thanks to anyone who can help.


Chris Ryan [21030691]

Do you mean you don't have the cable, or you don't know how to connect it? If you don't have a cable, I'm not sure where you can find one. Has anyone asked Radio Shack if there's any way to get one? I assume this was a fairly specialized connector, for computers and such that used cassettes for storage.

See David Clarke's post, Info on Chroma Cassette Cable from January 2001, for information on how this specialized cable is set up.

If you just don't know how to connect it, here's some information from the Performance manual:

"You will notice that the Cassette Interface Cord has three plugs; a long grey plug, a long black plug, and a short grey plug. The long black plug should be inserted in the audio output (EARPHONE) jack. The long grey plug should be inserted in the audio input (MICROPHONE) jack, and the short grey plug should be inserted in the remote control jack (it will not fit in any other jack."

You don't have to worry about the short grey plug, since it was for remote motor control of the cassette deck.

Seems I recall that the last time (a couple of weeks ago) I hooked up all of this to my audio patch bay, I discovered/remembered that the Performance manual had mixed up the audio output and input jacks (at least for my cable), so some experimentation might be in order. Make sure that the cassette mode is toggle to non-sensing mode (let me know if you don't know how to do this), and try outputting a patch through the cassette interface to your audio system to see if you can hear it.


Chroma for sale

Jimmy Moyer [21030184]


Subject: FS: Vintage analogue synths
From: [address removed]
Date: Tue, 21 September 1999 08:01 PM EDT
Message-id: <[email protected]>

Rhodes Chroma w/Syntech midi and anvil case $1000.00 OBO
[other items removed]

things I'm looking to buy or trade
Urei outboard gear
Pultec EQ
Yamaha O3 mixer
Motu 2408


Chris Ryan [21030691]

This is posted on the site [Ads page].


Chroma for sale

Roger John Lesinski Jr

I have a Chroma that I want to sell. It has been sitting in an anvil case for a very long time, and the foam has deteriated. I have removed the foam from the case but have not replaced it. You can have it replaced very easily. It comes with the original pedals. The synth it self is missing its top cover plate, 3 voice cards, and I noticed a small circuit board is also missing. I wanted to restore this myself but right now don't have any time due to school. The synth is repairable, and needs a really good cleaning. At one time this was a really cool synth and hopefully someone can return it to what it once was or at least return another chroma to working order. I am taking offers and am located in Michigan, Roger

David Clarke [21030085++]

John - I'm replying to the entire list, as the answers to the questions I ask may be of interest to all ...

I have a Chroma that I want to sell. It has been sitting in an anvil case for a very long time, and the foam has deteriated.

Has the foam "attached itself" to the wood parts of the Chroma?

It comes with the original pedals.

Can you please indicate which ones (i.e., dual pedal assembly, single 'switch' pedals, volume pedal?)

The synth it self is missing its top cover plate,

Do you mean the large "L" shaped metal top (largest part approx. 40" x 12")? If so, are the two wooden trim pieces (which sit on the front and back of this cover) also missing?

...and I noticed a small circuit board is also missing.

Can you describe where the small circuit board was located and/or what it was attached to?

I am taking offers and am located in Michigan, Roger

Do you have any sort of "ballpark" that you're expecting for the price? (i.e., $1000 or more, $1000 or less, etc)?


David Clarke