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Instrument Registry: Model 1631 (Expander)

Following the Chroma numbering scheme, the 1631 may have been a European model like the 2101.


Krisnallah Sumy

"Finally got my Expander back and start reparing myself. Brought it for repair in May 1998 but the man couldn't fix it left it to oxidize and rot away, thank the universe I got it back. It was just a faulty contact in the timer between z51 & z52 on the motherboard and a faulty memory board due to the oxidation. But all it complete now Chroma and Expander doing fine." [August 2006] See also Chroma 21010282.


Marc Brasse

Note the 1631 model number, which Marc carefully verified. See Chroma 21010281. [March 2004]

This Expander was later spotted on Bernhard Döring's Chromafotos page []; the serial number is clearly visible in one picture. (That's Marc holding the dust cloth in the first picture.) [January 2005]

"Just to let you know that my Chroma is now working at last [see 21010281]. The expander is not active because 2 voiceborads are defective. Maybe I'll be able to get that fixed in the future but at the moment I am very pleased that I can Chroma-away at last." [February 2006]


For sale on eBay, October 2005. "Ok here it is! If you know what it is, you know how much you need it. Rare and Beautiful ... but is being sold as is. Hasn't been tested, but all boards etc, look in fine condition. But than again, if you've got the keyboard, than you know the tech." [October 2005]

Rob Belcher

For sale in October 2007. Rob told me in 2012 that this unit sold "to someone in the US."

Rob now owns Expander 16330123.


Rob Belcher

"Just came back from an excellent tech friend that has been looking after all my repairs for last few years. I had a real bad tuning issue which has been resolved, a faulty chip on the digital board. I've done a hell of a lot to my Expander (replaced all the capacitors throughout, new switching psu, new woodwork, had the top and back, resprayed black, fitted CC+ and had a general service and calibration." [July 2009]

Sold in April 2012.

See also 21030095.


Greg Hutchings, Australia

For sale on eBay, May 2008. Has a different serial number, possibly 16330106, written inside and crossed out. See also Greg's panel membrane set.

Sold in April 2010 for a record price of AUD$9,150.00.